Private Browsing

With Sudo Platform, you can keep your users safe with a truly private browsing experience. Like incognito mode on steroids.

Private Browser

Your users can experience true privacy with our Sudo-based browser. Give them full control over their online identity with a browser that’s based around their secure digital identity. They get security and privacy without sacrificing the features they would expect from any modern browsers.
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Ad & Tracker Blocker

Ads and tracking have become a bane of the internet. Websites use tracking to generate additional advertising revenue. But this is a real invasion of privacy. Now you can offer your users complete privacy with our advanced ad and tracker blocking technology.
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Site Reputation Service

Some sites are inherently unsafe and others can get compromised. Give your users real time information on the safety of sites they visit.
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Isolation Browser

Let your users browse the web in complete safety using a Sudo-based quarantined browser to prevent any of their private data being leaked.
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Integrate Fast

Sudo Platform is a complete set of APIs and SDKs that offers you simple, fast, and effective solutions for data privacy. Integrating features is easy, and you get complete granular control over which elements you want to enable. All our APIs and SDKs are documented and we provide working examples in Swift, Kotlin, and Javascript.

Empower your users with all of our private browsing products

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