Ad & Tracker Blocker

Ads and tracking have become a bane of modern life. Now you can offer your users complete privacy with our advanced ad and tracker blocking technology.
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Block Ads Automatically

No more unwanted intrusions

Ads can spoil your users’ browsing experience. But worse, they are also an invasion of privacy. Now your users will be able to enjoy an ad-free life online with our automatic ad filtering.
Block Online Trackers

No more invisible data gathering

Online trackers collect thousands of data points as a user interacts online. Our technology will let your users take back control of their data and privacy.
Block online trackers
Whitelist Trusted Sites

Get complete control when online

Sometimes a user wants to allow tracking or ads, perhaps to get free access to a service. This can be achieved by whitelisting a specific domain and, of course, their privacy is always protected by a Sudo.

Learn how we give your users control over their privacy

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