Password Manager

Passwords can be a real weak point for security. Creating and using unique, secure passwords for each site can be challenging, so many people create weak passwords or re-use the same ones across multiple sites. The Sudo Platform provides an easy-to-use and convenient password manager that will enable your users to create, store and use secure passwords in a way that seamlessly integrates with their digital identities.
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Generate Secure Passwords

Generate and customize strong passwords

Creating a secure password is hard. But not with our password manager. Your users can generate passwords on the fly for every site they visit and store them in our secure vault.
Autofill Extensions

Simplify logins and form filling

Combine the password manager with our secure autofill extensions to create a seamless secure browsing experience for your users.
Store Passwords

Completely secure storage for every password

Let your users store their passwords in our encrypted password vault. No one else will be able to decrypt their passwords and they can easily access, edit, and delete them.
Store Account Information

Store every detail for every account in one place

Passwords aren’t much use by themselves. Users need a myriad of other account details. Fortunately, your users can store all these details securely alongside their passwords.

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