Privacy empowers your users.
Our tools enable privacy.

We believe that everyone should have control over their personal data. They should decide what details they share, with whom, and when. Our tools make it easy to empower your users, giving them back control over their personal information.
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A secure digital identity for a connected world

A Sudo is a digital identity that lets your users interact with other people and organizations while protecting their personal data. Protect your users against the pitfalls of modern digital life against hackers, trackers, and bad actors.
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Sudo Platform Stack

Sudo Platform

The Complete Privacy Toolkit

Sudo Platform is a set of easy-to-use privacy solutions that can be integrated into your existing and new products. Sudo Platform APIs and SDKs are quick to learn and simple to use.

Choose your tools

A Sudo gives your end users a host of tools and capabilities to manage their privacy. Everything from keeping communications private to securing their online shopping and payments.

Integrate easily

Adding privacy capabilities couldn’t be simpler. The Sudo Platform allows you to integrate privacy into your product with just a few lines of code.

Deploy Fast

Deploying the Sudo Platform takes minutes and our Admin Console makes it easy to manage customer accounts. The platform is scalable, flexible and secure, so it won’t let your customers down.

We focus on privacy

while you focus on your product

Your users care about their privacy and want to be in control when using your products. The Sudo Platform makes privacy a fundamental part of your product without compromising on speed, accessibility or experience. Deliver the best experience for your users and keep them secure.

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