Virtual Private Network

Keeping your users’ personal details safe with a Sudo helps ensure their privacy. Now you can offer them a completely secure VPN that supports streaming and geographical relocation.
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Encrypted VPN

A completely secure network

Your users will be able to create their own encrypted virtual private network connection whenever they want to protect their browsing activity.
Multiple VPN locations

Egress selectable by country and city

An IP address can give away someone’s physical location down to a few blocks. But with our VPN your users get to choose exactly what location their IP address shows.
IP Address Masking

Improved privacy and protection

IP addresses give away a lot about a person. Indeed, under GDPR, they actually count as personal data. Now your users can get true privacy with dynamic and configurable IP addresses.
No Traffic Logs

Use the internet in complete privacy

Many VPN services actually make users less safe by logging all their online activity and storing it in one location. Our VPN is completely log-free and is designed to put privacy first.
Connection Kill Switch

Protection even when the VPN is disabled

Many applications automatically switch to another network if they detect a network issue. This weakens VPN protection. Our VPN automatically kills all network connections if it disconnects.
High Speed Streaming

No performance limitations

Sometimes, VPNs offer limited bandwidth or poor performance. Our VPN is able to support high speed streaming of movies, videos, audio, and more.

Learn how we give your users control over their privacy

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