Your users will be able to easily create and add email addresses to their Sudos. Easily offer an email service to your users, only more secure and putting the user in control of their information.
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Send and Receive Emails

Benefit from the privacy of a Sudo

Your users will get access to a fully-featured email inbox with the added security of a Sudo and multiple Sudo email addresses at their disposal.
Custom Email Addresses

A different address for every context

Help your users take control with multiple email addresses. Now they can choose a different email for every site, activity, or context they want.
Block Remote Tracking

Prevent invisible pixels from loading

Emails are often tracked using invisible images that download when the email is read. Now, your users will be able to block this, keeping them safe from invasive tracking.
Inbox Management

Mark, move and delete emails in bulk

Don’t be overwhelmed by unread emails. Now, your users can easily mark them all read, or even delete them in bulk.
Custom Folders

Compartmentalized inbox management

Let your users take control of their inbox with meaningful folders that can be customized per Sudo. No more email overload!
Block Email Addresses

Block known spam email addresses easily

Your users will be able to block and unblock email addresses at any time. Give them control over who can email them.

Learn how we give your users control over their privacy

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