SMS/MMS Messaging

Give your users phone numbers that can send and receive texts and messages. Just like a mobile phone number but with the added security of a Sudo.
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Send and Receive Texts

Add SMS messaging to any app

Texting just got safer. Your users can send and receive texts from within your app without limits on the carrier or number.
Send and Receive Media

Share photos, gifs and more

Your users aren’t limited to just sending texts. Sudo Platform also supports MMS, meaning they can send pretty much any media including photos, GIFs, and audio.
Block Senders

Block or unblock any number

Give your users full control over who messages them. They can block and unblock any number at any time.
Mute Conversations

Disable notifications without blocking

Sometimes blocking a number is too much. With mute conversations, your users can disable notifications but still receive incoming messages.
No-Access Encryption

All data is public-key encrypted

Messages received from outside the Sudo network are encrypted with the user’s public key. These can only be decrypted by the user with the private key on their device. Once encrypted, they cannot be decrypted by anybody else.

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