Private Browser

Your users can experience true privacy with our Sudo-based browser. Give them full control over their online identity with a browser that’s based around their secure digital identity. They get security and privacy without sacrificing the features they’d expect from any modern browser.
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Sudo Based Browser

A browser with Sudo at its heart

A completely private, compartmentalized browser that’s specific to a users Sudo, so that each browsing experience is tailored to what your user wants.
Autofill Extensions

Fill out the right details with ease

Managing multiple identities could be tricky but not with our browser. Give your users intelligent autofill that always puts the correct details based on their current Sudo.
Custom Search Engine

Don’t get tied to a single ecosystem

Your users will be able to choose which search engine to use by default. This gives them better control over who collects search history data about them.
Private Bookmarks

No-access encryption ensures privacy

All bookmarks are encrypted before they are stored using no-access encryption. So, your users know absolutely no one else can access them.
Disable Browser History

Control exactly what to show

Give your users complete control over their browsing. Let them decide what to show in their browsing history without the need to switch to incognito mode.

Learn how we give your users control over their privacy

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