Encrypted Email

Email is one of the most widely used yet least secure communication channels. Now you can give all your users access to a completely secure email service.
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End-to-end Encryption

Secure data with

Your customers’ emails are encrypted end-to-end. This ensures that the email can never be intercepted or read.
Personalized Email Addresses

Minimize risk with multiple emails

Give your users complete control. They can create different emails for every site or mailing list. This minimizes their exposure to hacking, tracking, and data harvesting.
Encrypted Files & Docs

Share files and documents securely

Email is usually not secure. But now your users can email attachments and files knowing that no one else can intercept or read them.
Block Remote Tracking

No more invisible pixels invading privacy

Emails are often tracked using invisible images that download when the email is read. Now, your users will be able to block this, keeping them safe from unwanted tracking.
Inbox Management

Offer bulk actions to simplify life

Don’t be overwhelmed by unread emails. Now, your users can easily mark them all read, or even delete them in bulk.
Secure Folders

Help keep things organized

Give your users a place to store all of the important and private emails with secure, meaningful folders.

Empower your users with privacy preserving email

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