Encrypted Messaging

With the Sudo Platform you don’t need to sacrifice features for security. Your users benefit from completely secure communications while getting all the features they expect in a messaging application, and more.
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End-to-end Encryption

Secure data with
end-to-end encryption

Strong end-to-end encryption means the only clear-text copy of any message is visible to your user in your app on their devices. This protects them from data breaches and interception.
Expiring Messages

Messages disappear after a chosen time

Sometimes, you don’t want a message to last forever. Let your users send messages that disappear when they choose.
Edit and Delete Messages

Make corrections and undo any mistakes

We all know that feeling when you just sent an important message and then spot the mistake. With Sudo Platform your users can edit or delete any message they sent.
Group Messages

Fully-featured secure group chats

Transform the social experience of your app with secure group chats. Benefit from features like message editing and expiring messages.
Mute Conversations

Temporarily ignore a conversation

There are times when you really don’t want to be distracted. Now your users can mute any conversation while still receiving new messages.
Active Read Receipts

Get read receipts and more

Your users will always know the status of their messages with read receipts, delivery receipts, and typing indicators.
Send Rich Media

A picture says a thousand words

Messaging is about more than just text. Allow your users to send videos, location pins, and more with the same security as their messages.

Empower your users with privacy preserving messaging

Get in touch to find out how you can leverage secure communications in all your products with the Sudo Platform.
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