Secure Payments

Enhance any of your products with virtual cards, private shipping, and more. All through our easy-to-use SDKs.

Virtual Cards

Credit cards offer retailers a powerful way to track users even when they have taken other steps to protect their privacy. That is why we offer virtual cards for your users. They will be able to shop securely, keep track of all their transactions, and dynamically create cards for every purpose.
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Peer-to-Peer Payments

People can use cash without risking their personal data. But not when they’re online. Secure P2P payments allows them to make direct payments with complete privacy.
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Secure ID Verification

Regulations like KYC and AML are vital. This service allows you to seamlessly validate and approve users remotely and reduce your risk exposure. Meet your regulatory obligations, while providing your users the privacy they expect.
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Private Shipping

Normally, your users have to divulge their private home address details when they need something delivered. Now they can use a private address so only the delivery or logistics provider knows their physical address.
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Integrate Fast

Sudo Platform is a complete set of APIs and SDKs that offers you simple, fast, and effective solutions for data privacy. Integrating features is easy, and you get complete granular control over which elements you want to enable. All our APIs and SDKs are documented and we provide working examples in Swift, Kotlin, and Javascript.

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