Virtual Cards

Credit cards offer retailers a powerful way to track users even when they have taken other steps to protect their privacy. That is why we offer virtual cards for your users. They will be able to shop securely, keep track of all their transactions, and dynamically create cards for every purpose.
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Create Virtual Cards

Mitigate risk when shopping online

Your users can create virtual cards whenever they need to. They can make purchases with the peace of mind that their personal details are going to stay private.
Cancel Virtual Cards

Keep complete control

Your users can cancel cards whenever they want. This is particularly useful to block unwanted automatic renewal payments.
Set Purchase Limits

Increase safety and reduce risks

Your users can set the monthly spending limit on each virtual card. This reduces their risks if someone steals their details, and also helps them stay in control of their finances.
Transaction Notifications

Keep track of every transaction in realtime

Give your users a feeling of reassurance with live transaction alerts. Every time a payment is made on their virtual card they will receive an alert.
View Transactions

Full details of transactions and statuses

Give your users full control with a detailed transaction history. They can see exactly what transactions they have made, along with the status and details of the merchant.
NFC Enabled Cards

Cards that work with any smartphone wallet

Users can add the cards they create to their smartphone’s wallet, increasing both convenience and security when using the cards at point-of-sale locations.

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