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A Sudo is a digital identity that gives users full control over their personal data. Sudos lie at the very heart of the Sudo Platform. Your users can create multiple Sudos by leveraging our Sudo Platform products, protecting them from inadvertently disclosing their personal details.
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The BIG Data Problem

Data-scraping, re-targeted ads, digital profiling, and other malicious uses of people’s information have ruined consumers' trust and safety in the digital world. The majority of people feel they have no control over the data that organizations collect about them.

The Sudo Solution

Users are already used to the idea that they shouldn’t mix their work and personal identities. Sudos take this approach one step further, allowing users to create a different identity for every activity they do. We refer to this as compartmentalization, and it’s a great way to improve safety and security online.
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Products built to secure your users' privacy

Sudo Platform is a modular solution for privacy and security. Sudos are a flexible and easy way to keep your users safe online. We offer a wide range of products and services that build on Sudos. Select from pre-configured solutions or create a custom solution from the many products we offer.

A Sudo for every purpose

Use once, use 1,000 times. Delete, update, or reset Sudos when you want.
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Learn how a Sudo gives your users full control over their privacy

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