Secure Communications

Sudo Platform lets you integrate privacy-preserving messaging, calling, and email into your products in minutes using our developer-friendly SDKs.

Encrypted Messaging

The Sudo Platform gives you all the messaging features a user expects, but in a completely secure manner. This means your users can feel safe and protected any time they use your products.
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Encrypted Voice Calling

Now you can offer your users completely secure voice calling. They can enjoy talking to individuals and groups on your platform, safe in the knowledge that no one can eavesdrop.
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Encrypted Video Calling

Give your users the ability to make completely secure video calls with other Sudo-enabled contacts. Protect their privacy while giving them more personal communications.
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Encrypted Email

Email is one of the least secure communication channels. But not with Sudo Platform. Now your users will benefit from a fully-featured email service that is secure by design.
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Integrate Fast

Sudo Platform is a complete set of APIs and SDKs that offers you simple, fast, and effective solutions for data privacy. Integrating features is easy, and you get complete granular control over which elements you want to enable. All our APIs and SDKs are documented and we provide working examples in Swift, Kotlin, and Javascript.

Empower your users with all of our secure communications products

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