Cyber Safety

Sudo Platform offers you a range of easy-to-integrate capabilities to enhance the security and privacy of your applications, making sure your users are always protected and secure.

Password Manager

Passwords are a real weak point for security. People tend to use the same one for many sites. Or they write their passwords down. But with Sudo Platform, your users will be able to store all the passwords and credentials for their secure digital identities in our password manager.
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Virtual Private Network

Keeping your users’ personal details safe with a Sudo helps ensure their privacy. But it can all be undone if they always access services from the same location. Now you can offer them a completely secure VPN that supports streaming and geographical relocation.
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Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web is full of hackers selling details of user names, passwords, credit cards, etc. A Sudo helps protect your users, but their details can still get leaked on sites and services they use Our proactive monitoring service looks for any details relating to your users’ secure identities and gives them an immediate alert.
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Integrate Fast

Sudo Platform is a complete set of APIs and SDKs that offers you simple, fast, and effective solutions for data privacy. Integrating features is easy, and you get complete granular control over which elements you want to enable. All our APIs and SDKs are documented and we provide working examples in Swift, Kotlin, and Javascript.

Empower your users with all of our cyber safety products

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