Open Communications

Protect your users’ privacy and data with our email, messaging, and calling features. Sudo Platform makes it easier than ever to add privacy-preserving communications to all your products using our SDKs.

Phone Numbers

Sudo Platform gives your users phone numbers that work just like their mobile number but with all the privacy benefits of a Sudo.
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SMS/MMS Messaging

Give your users phone numbers that can send and receive texts and messages. Just like a cell phone number but with the added security of a Sudo.
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Voice Calling

Enable your app’s users to make and receive voice calls to any phone number locally and globally, just like a mobile number, but with more control and privacy.
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Your users will be able to easily create and add email addresses to their Sudos. Easily offer an email service to your users, only more secure and putting the user in control of their information.
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Integrate Fast

Sudo Platform is a complete set of APIs and SDKs that offers you simple, fast, and effective solutions for data privacy. Integrating features is easy, and you get complete granular control over which elements you want to enable. All our APIs and SDKs are documented and we provide working examples in Swift, Kotlin, and Javascript.

Empower your users with all of our open communication products

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